• Ether Data

    A Platform for Global Decentralized Scientific Collaboration

    Ether Data is a transparent solution for blockchain investors who want to participate in real-life scientific research, solving technical challenges while also building sustainable ecological processes aligned with economic development. It is a decentralized all-purpose computing system built on the Ethereum smart contract and Disk Storage Banking (DSB) distributed storage and security technologies on which everyone can contribute computing power to sharing computational networks such as Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) and get rewards in return.

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  • ETD: Research Made For You

    ETD is an open-source, collaborative research ecosystem that lets teams of researchers, engineers, and other data scientists work together to build new tools for securing and using data. The system provides cryptographically verifiable attribution and peer review, putting more power into the hands of researchers than ever before.

    ETD enables researchers to conduct large-scale distributed research with an unprecedented level of transparency and fairness. Researchers can use our platform to quickly request datasets from a decentralized crowd, all while maintaining the security of that dataset through our unique protocol.

    We provide a unified interface for distributed data storage, compute resources, and ETH smart contracts, all for establishing a secure, decentralized infrastructure for research data management.

    Our technology is easy-to-use and can be applied to different fields of research where data verification is required, including medical research, financial forecasting, data mining, bioinformatics and many more.

  • ETD: Become a Data Miner for Science

    Be compensated when you share your data and help others. As a science crowdsourcing platform on the blockchain, our technology is designed to enable participants to be compensated for sharing. Everyone can earn rewards by contributing their data or computing power to scientific research programs.

    We have developed state of the art security protocols, including biometrics and encryption, to ensure the integrity, security and privacy of user’s data, while ensuring that all research is open access and available to the public.

    Ether Data is a green, energy-saving and high-performance smart contract application platform. We scale decentralized apps to match the performance requirements of research institutions and enterprises, enabling business and consumers to make the world greener by reducing the energy consumption of blockchain networks.

  • High-performing. Efficient. Easy-to-use


    You can now use the efficient, powerful underlying BOINC framework to deploy extraordinary computing solutions. Ether Data has been built by top technical teams who have used technology and data-driven research to streamline scientific research and reward contributors.

    Highly Efficient

    ETD successfully implements one network for multiple purposes and also deploys it for network reuse. Its consensus algorithms use the new PoW+DBS+PoS mechanism to deliver maximum results. Hence, the operational efficiency of ETD is a hundred times more efficient, safe, and easy to use.

    Safe and Reliable Technology

    ETD is based on a brand-new architecture that does not compromise reliability, safety, and stability. We understand the importance of keeping your research confidential until it is ready to be used by the world.

  • How do we do that?

    Double-Blind Matching Algorithm

    ETD is a forerunner in double-blind matching technology to address data security concerns in distributed computing and big data applications. Because each node only possesses some nodes' dispersed data, the calculation/index can only be derived from the data it sees. All nodes must execute coordinated actions to solve the matching problem.
    Simultaneously, as an intermediary computer node, the auxiliary computing node is bidirectionally encrypted (double-blind) for the data of the matching parties. CPCB (commutatively encrypted calculation PCB, Commutative PCB) is the double-blind data PCB, and the consensus verification technique employs asymmetrical group key broadcasting encryption.

    ETD White Paper

    The scientific community is intrinsically characterized by restrictions in regards to mutual consensus, widespread distribution, fair distribution of its product (i.e., knowledge), and so on. These are the very issues that blockchain solves efficiently with its transparency and immutability.


    We, at ETD, created unique new solutions to solve various technical problems associated with decentralized research and create long-term ecological processes that are consistent with economic reasoning. Let’s investigate the diverse practical value of blockchain and how it ties into scientific research through our white paper.
  • News

    Ether Data (Former Name: Ethereum Data): A Greener Ecological Revolution in the Blockchain Industry?

    June 30th, 2021

    Ether Data (Former Name: Ethereum Data) Purposes Green Ecological Revolution in Blockchain

    July 1, 2021

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  • Our Team

    Nikolay Tasev


    Programmer, cryptologist, cryptographer and cypherpunk. Nikolay dedicated his effort in advocating widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy technologies to enhance the welfare of individuals and society. His research interests lie within the interplay of computational complexity, cumbersome security, substance randomness and inconsistent human nature of fallacy and imagination.



    Robert Bo Collins

    CEO of Mercantile Bank International. Founder of San Juan Mercantile Bank & Trust International. Former president of the New York Mercantile Exchange.


    Matt Kelly

    Experienced software engineer and database architect. He was a senior engineer at Facebook, and currently works for Kloud.io.


    Timothy Parez
    Technical Advisor

    Expert in data and network security and a leader in the field of cryptography. Inventor of QBKEY. He has worked as a security consultant for companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Ubisoft.

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